At Interact Systems, we believe that good training, follow-up, and responsive technical support are imperative to providing our customers with a productive software experience. Our installation and training is custom tailored† to get our customers up and running as quickly and effectively as possible. Once installed, our software support and maintenance program combines toll free help, ongoing software updates, and priority remote technical support when it is needed.

Interact software support and maintenance strategy combines software updates and remote technical support in an offering we call Software Maintenance.† Our program provides ongoing updates to subscriberís existing programs and provides priority remote technical support when it is needed. One year of Software Maintenance is included in the license acquisition for all distributed proprietary software products.

Program Benefits

 Priority toll free phone support

 Direct internet or modem based remote technical support allowing our specialist to look at the problem when needed.

 Email based technical support for software configuration assistance and problem resolution.

 Data file evaluation and repair assistance following catastrophic software/system failures.

 All software updates and upgrades of the licensed Interact Systems, Inc. software.

 Discounted fees for custom programming or technical support not covered by the Software Maintenance program

 On-line benefits (coming soon) will include software updates, frequently asked questions, and a shared queries and reports.

 On-Line one to one training when a major upgrade is installed. And discounted training packages for getting new staff up and running fast.

Our technical staff work closely with our customers to make sure they are running the most recent release of their licensed modules. We use remote support software to check our customerís systems and provide updates as needed.† Customers subscribing to our software maintenance program will be able to access updates, and support resources via the internet.

Interact provides both initial on site training when we install our software, and ongoing follow-up training to get new users up and running.

Training can be provided on-site or over remote connection.† Each session is custom tailored to our customers specific training requirements. Training needs vary depending on the scope of† installation and the level of user knowledge

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