Text Box: The central module of our Integrated System, our Payroll/Activity Tracking System allows virtually unlimited tracking of all paid and non-paid individual activities. This flexible system provides DOL compliant solutions for Piece Rate, Hourly Rate, Fixed Rate, and Non-Paid client payroll and  training activities.

Payroll/Activity Tracking

Text Box: Rehabilitation Management providing CARF compliant Demographics, Status Tracking, Program Plans, Goal Plans, Staff Notes, Progress Reporting, Referral Tracking, and Client / Consumer Management.
Text Box: Rehabilitation Manager
Text Box: This easy to use system will track your orders, estimate your labor requirements, and print your customer invoices.  Inventory features will keep track of your parts needs by job, increase your inventory as new parts are created, and adjust your quantities as finished goods are shipped out the door. 
Text Box: Production / Inventory Manager
Text Box: Our Job Placement Manager integrates with our Rehabilitation Manager to help track placement and supported employment activities for each Individual.

Job Placement Manager

Interact Systems, Inc.

Text Box: A full featured accounting system designed to handle the special financial tracking required by Community Rehabilitation Programs.  Our AP,GL,AR,PR, and PO modules are integrated with our with the  Payroll/Activity and Production Systems and allow easy labor cost and NISH reporting.
Text Box: Integrated Accounting System
Text Box: More details...

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