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Text Box: IAS Integrated Accounting System

Purchase Order  Module

· Creates and prints purchase orders - both the headers and line items, on pre-printed forms.

· Tracks each line item showing dates and quantities ordered (and edited), delivered (and returned), and invoiced (and adjusted). Both quantities and prices can be edited. 

· Receives purchase order items into the Interact perpetual inventory system.

· Updates purchase orders directly from the IAS accounts payable system

· Keeps a history of the purchase order and transactions

· Prints journals of transactions for  easy reconciliation

· Both receipts and voucher entry programs alert operators to problems.

· Both allow display of ordering, receiving and invoicing information for fast reconciliation.

· Purchase Order Voucher Adjustments


Accounts Payable Module

· Supports multiple checking accounts

· Automatically posts to General Ledger

· Pays regular bills automatically

· Can split bills across many departments and expense accounts

· Tracks vendor history

· Allows both automatic and selective voucher payment

· On-line Checkbook Reconciliation, Voucher History kept after clearing

· Direct General Ledger Inquiry

· Tracks vendor discounts for early payments

· Purchases  can be individually distributed among various G/L accounts or Departments (cost centers)

· Purchase may be charged to individual Jobs or Contracts for Job Cost Reporting

Accounts Receivable Module

· All standard reports (Open items, Aged Receivables, Invoice and Cash Receipts Journals)

· Job Cost (detail and summary) reports link AR, AP, PR (labor cost), and Job Cost Estimate data

· Easy handling of miscellaneous charges, credits, bad checks or operator errors, and canceling invoices

· Posting to prior periods allowed.

· Sales Commission tracking for by employee or organization (NISH)

· Extensive sales tracking and reporting facilitate analysis of sales by customer, product, and other designations.

· Flexible posting G/L linkage options by line item or by customer.

· Electronic ledgers allow for both balance forward and open item statements

· Invoice Copy and Editing before posting

· Recurring invoices can be automatically posted, or created as a batch, edited, and posted

· Invoices print on white paper with logo, no forms needed.

· Query can create csv files for export to spreadsheets

· Runs standalone or integrated to other modules

Payroll Module

· Handles both staff  (salaried and hourly) and client (hourly and piece rate) payroll

· Automatically transfers wage information from the Interact Payroll/Activity Tracking System

· Automatically spreads staff payroll and benefit costs to multiple cost centers (each deduction category can vary)

· Tracks client hourly, piece rate, and non-paid activity hours

· Tracks overtime, holiday, vacation and sick leave hours

· Tracks subsidy wages paid to clients

· Multiple level security allows access to client payroll without access to staff payroll

· Multiple payroll checking accounts

· Unlimited number of deductions per employee

· Stop limits on selected deductions (special Garnishment handling)

· Federal, Local, and State tax tables taxes can be updated by the user

· Selected employees may be exempted from social security and unemployment  taxes

· Prints W2’s, 1099’s, Quarterly, and Social Security wage Reports

· Handles retirement, cafeteria , 401K,  and other employee benefits

· Detailed payroll register history keeps pay and leave time ledger for quick reference.

· Used with the NISH module, it allows automatic allocation of H&W benefits from federal service contracts.


General Ledger Module

· Allows cash or accrual accounting

· Multiple Fiscal Year Reporting

· Immediate transaction posting in GL and from other modules

· Ability to re-open and re-close a current year’s month and the current year

· Unique month-total data retention screen provides instant month-summary comparisons for management.

· Six digit account numbers, three digit sub-account  name/number

· No practical limit to the number of cost centers or accounts

· On-line current and next year budgets

· Financial statement formatter can produce multiple statement formats

· Recurring Journal for regular repeated Transactions such as depreciation

· Account Trace prints out year’s transaction detail for specified accounts,  inquiry shows detail on  screen

· Income statement with Budget or Previous Year  Comparisons, Balance Sheet, Twelve Month P&L Spreadsheet and Statement of Financial Position. Other formats  definable by users.

· Flexible Division/Department reallocation