Lexington, KY is famous for itís horse farms with white fences and bluegrass. It is the home of† University of Kentucky, and Lexmark International.

About Us

Interact Systems, Inc. is celebrating twenty years of experience providing state of the art computerized solutions to community rehabilitation programs, workshops, and rehabilitation facilities across the United States. Our system merges workshop, rehabilitation, production, and finance† requirements in an interactive "Real-Time" database system. Begun under a grant from the Rehabilitation Services Administration in 1983, Project INTERACT spent three years developing and testing a comprehensive computerized information system. Since the end of the grant in 1986, Interact Systems, Inc., has been continually developing integrated solutions to meet the growing needs of community rehabilitation programs.†† Our software will run on single stand alone PC and expand to a system with hundreds of simultaneous users.


†††††††††††† We currently have two offices, one in Lexington, Kentucky and one in† Afton, Virginia. Our key staff have been working with community rehabilitation programs for over twenty five years. This gives us an intimate knowledge of the internal and external information requirements facing our customers.

A view of the Afton area from Afton Mountain.

Interact Systems, Inc.

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Interact Systems, Inc.

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