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Integrated Payroll, Rehabilitation, Production, and Finance

 in a Modular Scalable System Design .

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Interact Systems, Inc.

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Interact Systems, Inc. your one stop source for:


· Flexible Workshop Payroll providing DOL compliant solutions for Piece Rate, Hourly Rate, Fixed Rate, and Non-Paid client payroll and  training activities.

· NISH Contract Management with automated NISH Quarterly Reports, and paid by the hour Benefit Management.

· Rehabilitation Management providing CARF compliant Demographics, Status Tracking, Program Plans, Goal Plans, Staff Notes, Progress Reporting, Referral Tracking, and Client / Consumer Management.

· Production / Inventory Management with automated Purchase Orders, Job Orders, Invoicing, Bill of Materials,  Inventory Updating, and Job Costing.

· Job Placement and Supported Employment Tracking with Voucher Tracking, Job Placement Statistics, Employer Information,  Case Worker Hour tracking, and billing management.

· Full Service Accounting providing Staff Payroll, Client Payroll, Accounts Receivable, General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Purchase Order Tracking, and Job Cost Reporting.